Mukama Mwesinga Savings Group

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We have so much exciting news to share with you about our savings groups! People are coming together and encouraging one another to cultivate a culture of savings.
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Mukama Mwesigwa Savings Group

This savings group was founded in Mawanga village, and has an active membership of 32. It is comprised of jajas (grandmothers) as well as widows and other caregivers. They meet on ROWAN grounds every Monday at 1pm. They began their savings group on December 12, 2015 with a minimum savings of 1000 Uganda shillings and a maximum of 5000 shillings. All groups have organized management committee members, and the amount they have saved is growing and empowering these women to provide for themselves and their families.

Jane Kange

Jane is a prominent chapati specialist has been able to boost her business because of Savings. With her savings in 2015 she was able to buy a a cow with a supplementary income from her garden and savings.

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Robina Mutesi

Robina was able to buy a cow in her last 2015 savings. The major target for this year is 3,000,000 Uganda shillings.


Thank you for your part in helping these savings groups — they are changing lives!

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