Mining Update- Oct 2023

(photo from Ionic Rare Earth, which got approved to begin plants like this across our villages)

As of today, Ionic Rare Earth has received approval of the Surface Rights agreement with the Uganda Government. This agreement must be understood and signed by the land owner. This document, once signed, allows the mining company to have access to the land for mining purposes. The owner has no future rights of that land. All ownership is relinquished once it is signed. What are they Actually agreeing to?   

ROWAN is working with our legal team to execute a comprehensive empowerment plan that will educate all the people on their land rights, what all is included in the Surface Rights Agreement, and empower them to make their best decisions as their representatives. This will include face to face weekly meetings from now through December, radio talk shows, involving high level leaders in government with the people, and ensuring every person knows their rights as land owners. 

ROWAN is purposefully not getting loud and active outside Uganda, because we know and believe that the strongest voice in this fight is the voice of the people. We give everything we can to empower them to speak up for their lives, land and freedom. 

Will it be easy?    Absolutely not.

Do we know the outcome will be best for our people?   No we don’t. 

Will we have to be displaced and lose all of our land?   We don’t know.

But what we DO know, is that God is with us. And He is going to protect His people. And we as an organization Dare to Hope that our God is able. Standing with ROWAN is standing with every widow, no matter what, until the end.  

What do we need? Join our prayer team. Email and ask to be added to prayer team. Weekly emails sent out on how to best pray for this threat.

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