From Famine to Strategic Farming

This is a season that can get so busy amid the packed schedules, growing to-do lists and preparations for the holidays. But it is good to stop, change our perspective, and remember how we have been blessed. So much has happened in the past several months on the ground in Mawanga and surrounding communities. Our people have seen joys and triumphs, but also experienced sorrow and faced hardships.
If you recall with me, just a handful of months ago our people were struggling with a famine like we had never seen before. Families were starving, supplies were exhausted and we prayed for a miracle — that God would intervene. Funds were raised and grain was purchased to assist the many hungry mouths that needed to be fed. But we also took a step to be proactive. We wanted to plan ahead and attempt to prevent tragedies like this in the future.

So we sent one of our own, Robert, to Farming God’s Way in Kampala. The idea was to put him through training and in turn, he would come back and share all he had learned with various villages.

He set out to learn all he could about strategic farming and maintaining a sustainable way of living through farming. He started later than many of the other participants, and had to catch up on a portion of the classes.
But praise God, he completed the training! Robert recently graduated from Farming God’s Way and has returned to Mawanga to share his knowledge. Here he is with Pastor Paul, beaming from ear to ear…and we couldn’t be prouder. Thank YOU for supporting this venture; for trusting God to complete this work and investing in lives and communities around Eastern Uganda. We are excited to see the fruit of this labor in the coming months and years.
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