Changing Bruno’s Story

Our summer team had the privilege of visiting many homes this last May and got to hug, hold and love on many different children and families.  Many families in Eastern Uganda have taken in other children because of loved ones who have passed away.  A home might contain grandparents who have become parents to their grandchildren, aunts and uncles who have taken in their nieces and nephews after parents have passed away, or older brothers and sisters who become the parents to their own siblings.  

One of the homes that the team had the chance to visit, was the home of Bruno.  At the time, he was 9 months old and had lost his mom suddenly so his uncle and grandparents took him in to care for him.  They could not afford to buy formula to feed him and give his body what it needed.  He was given black tea, because that was all they could offer him. After the team visited him, they soon realized that he needed more and they decided to help him.  They gathered some money to purchase formula for little Bruno and were able to find two amazing sponsors to help him and his caregivers.

Unfortunately for Bruno, his body just couldn’t gain the strength it needed to overcome this obstacle.  He passed away at 11 months of age.  


This news shook many people who had the opportunity to meet sweet little Bruno and also many others who simply heard about it.  But his story will bring other babies in the same situation some hope.  A friend of the ROWAN family has begun the process of starting a non profit called Formula ONE.  This organization will raise funds to help other babies like Bruno who have lost their mothers and have no way to get the nourishment their little bodies need to grow.  These funds will purchase formula for families that need it but can’t afford to purchase it themselves.  

In the meantime, if this story tugs at your heartstrings like it did to mine, please consider giving now to help a baby who needs more than black tea to nourish his body.  Let’s not allow another baby like Bruno to suffer because of something out of his control.  You can give to our baby formula campaign where $50 will provide a young baby with formula for one month.  The ROWAN clinic will purchase the formula and then will train the caregivers on how to care for the little ones who need it.  

Bruno will now become the voice for Formula ONE and will bring hope to so many, giving many other precious babies a chance to change their own story.

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