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Kelsey Hargadine Calls You to DREAM on the Isn’t It Lovely Podcast

ROWAN’s co-founder recently joined podcast hosts Rachel Gage and Tracy Kirby on an episode of Isn’t It Lovely entitled “Isn’t It Lovely to Protect Your ‘Yes’?”

Throughout the episode, Kelsey talks dreams, callings, and risk on an episode you can’t miss! We love this quote:

“No, not everyone is called to Africa, but everyone has an Africa in their life.”

Kelsey discusses practical steps to listen and eliminate the noise and distractions in our lives and how, in doing so, we are intentional in what we let into our minds and clear the way to be actively hearing from God. She reminds listeners that there are dreams that they have from God that they were designed and created to say “YES!” to.

Here’s what to do next to uncover your zealous yes:

· Listen on Spotify or on Apple Music

· Read the blog from Isn’t It Lovely about this episode

If you listened to the episode, tell us in the comments what spoke to your heart the most!

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