A Miraculous Milestone

Every Single widow and orphan we serve has a sponsor! 

Its how we get kids in school and make sure they’ve had enough to eat and be able to learn. 

It’s how we empower widows out of poverty, by giving them a hand up as they learn a trade or open a business with teaching, support and guidance from our entrepreneurship program.

It’s how we are able to respond quickly in emergencies, whether those are medical, home-related, or anything else.

This summer, we asked you- our community of supporters and prayer warriors- to consider supporting an orphan or widow through monthly sponsorship. We are blown away by the love and support we’ve received to reach our goal, and now…


Every Single Widow and Orphan We Serve has a Sponsor! Pray with us as our staff work on growing our sponsorship program! 

Remember, every widow and orphan feel the full benefit of sponsorship from 2 sponsors- help us fully sponsor them today! 

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