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Sponsor Madina Namukose

At ROWAN we are determined to help the women & children whose lives have been affected by HIV/ AIDS. Our primary objective is keeping everyone fed, healthy & learning new things or skills. Your donations & sponsorships help us see our vision through, allowing us to focus on the essentials: hugging, loving & building a future for those who need it. The new year is a great time to bring joy to someone in need!

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About Madina

Madina is brand new to the ROWAN program & we are excited to give her a big, warm welcome! We are thrilled to have her in our community. She is nearing 60 years old & has so much to offer this world still. Let’s come alongside her to empower & encourage her, together.

Finding Happiness

Your sponsorship will help us look after Madina as she grows older. Allowing her to become better educated, establish comforting relationships with the people around her & feel hopeful about a future within her community.

Please Help if You Can

We are doing everything we can to provide the amazing women of ROWAN with hope for the future. Anything you can do to help, whether it is a one time donation or sponsoring someone who needs it is an amazing gift that goes directly to the people in need. To learn more about sponsoring Madina, please visit her sponsorship page.

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