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From Passion Fruit to Permanent Housing

Loy is one of our beautiful HIV+ widows who was recently sponsored in our family. She was trained by our local staff on how to grow passion fruit and save her income in a savings group. After one year of savings, she realized she had enough to build a permanent

ROWAN's Cooking Corner!

Meet Jane, our famous Chapati Maker in Mawanga! Chapati Recipe (Flatbread) Chapati is an unleavened flatbread that is a common staple of cuisine in Uganda. Chapati is also commonly eaten in Pakistan, India and Nepal. Ingredients: -2 cups wheat flour -1 teaspoon salt -3/4 cup hot water -Cooking oil Directions:

Sponsor Janet!

  Name: Janet Nagudi (#30) Gender: Female Birth Date: 5/27/1973 Age: 41 years old Location: Budibero village, Uganda (Bugiri District on Map) Monthly Sponsorship: $38 Janet is one of our beautiful widows in the ROWAN family. Her husband passed away by HIV/AIDS years ago, and she has no children or

Sponsor Moses!

  Name: Moses Onyango (#111) Gender: male Birth Date: 4/10/2001 Age: 13 Location: Nakavunvu Village, Uganda (Iganga District on Map) Education: Primary Level 4 Monthly Sponsorship: $38 Moses is a bright young man who has been with ROWAN since it’s early stages in 2005. He lost his father due to

Sponsor Scovia!

  Name: Scovia Mutesi (#1) Gender: female Birth Date: 12/06/1995 Age: 19 Location: Busambira Village, Uganda (Bugiri District on Map) Education: Senior level 3 Monthly Sponsorship: $38 Scovia is a bright young woman who has been with ROWAN since it’s early stages in 2004. She lost both of her parents

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