Crocs Donation

Headquarters in Singapore generously donated 100 pair of refurbished shoes to give to every ROWAN Member. Sherlee and Kelsey traveled with bags of shoes on their back, but thankfully Crocs are fairly light!
Most of our women and children had never had a close-toed shoe before in their life! It was a joy to see them hold their shoes so tightly. The beautiful thing about Crocs is that they don’t need to purchase socks! One local man was donated a pair of Crocs 4 years ago, and he still wears them every day.
A special thanks to Crocs and for partnering with us to make a substantial difference in the rural communities. Crocs has offered to be available for future trips for ROWAN and any other organization in need for shoes.

The Harvest is Plenty

Have you ever been so proud of something that you couldn’t WAIT to show it to off? Well, as Sherlee and I arrived on the scene of Mawanga, Uganda on August 19, Pastor Paul hurried us to the garden where ROWAN widows were picking their first harvest of pineapples. And these weren’t just any pineapples. These sweet fruits became the foundation of discipline and unity between ROWAN members.
Since 2007, these men and women have been labouring for the fruits we saw before us. Who knew pineapples took 2 years to grow? Every other day the widows and caretakers would trek from their homes to till the garden. Our trusty volunteers John and Christopher would take attendance of each woman who would turn up and joke with those who came late! Talk about accountability.
Sherlee and I danced with laughter between the rows and rows of ripe fruit. The smiles of these victim warriors, although currently suffering from HIV/AIDS, drought, malaria and the difficulties that life brings, will forever be etched in my mind. Our joy had little to do with the actual pineapples harvested that day, although it brought in income for their immediate needs. But it had everything to do with building community and hope. These women are empowered. They have each other. They love the Lord.
This is just the beginning.
What does ROWAN do, you ask? ROWAN is in the hope business.

ROWAN Registered in Uganda

From: Pastor Paul Nyende, Director of ROWAN/Uganda
To: Kelsey Young, President of ROWAN/USA
Hello, Daughter, my Sister and my Brother.
Praise God big. Hope all is well with you.
I am so excited to report to you that ROWAN is now a registered Company with the Republic of Uganda. Please join me and we rejoice together, God is good all the Time. I am even shedding teas of Joy. From my small sitting room to under a mango tree to being now registered with Uganda government and from Uganda to USA. From Pastor Paul and Kelsey Namugombe, to Pastor David and Sister Elaina and now to the whole world.
I am soooooooo Excited, let me stop now and have time to dance for the Lord.
Thanks for your prayers, the financial support and your encouraging emails, that have helped me to press on.
May the good Lord richly bless you all, Amen.
You have a reason to praise Him now.
Pastor Paul

Praying for the sick

Luke 10:8-9 “And whatever city you enter, and they receive you, eat what is set before you; and heal those in it who are sick, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’
As the Lord has sent many of us to the tiny village of Mawanga, Uganda, and they had received the saving words of Jesus through Pastor Paul and others; ‘Lord, may we be given the opportunity to participate in your healing ministry for these dear ones, by our prayers and supplications for their physical healing. They have already received the more perfect spiritual healing, the forgiveness of sin, but now, we ask, that Your Name be glorifed, on earth and in the village of Mawanga, and through Pastor Paul, and through its newly stocked Medical Clinic.’
Pray with us NOW for these 4 widows suffering with HIV or AIDS:
Rebecca, Florence, Budesta, and Hariet (see their photos using this link
Also, please pray for Pastor Paul’s wife, Edith, who is in the RIPPON Medical Center in Jinja, suffering extreme pain from an old low back injury.
God Bless you all for your great love for the people of Mawanga. “..He who is gracious to the needy honors HIM.” ~Proverbs 14:31b

A New Parcel of Land is purchased

In Februrary 2009, a new parcel of land was purchased. The land, which is 26.9 X 72 Meters (about 1/2 an acre) will be used to expand the MICRO-ENTERPRISE of farming. Each Wednesday, the ROWAN widows meet under the mango tree for spiritual support through bible study and prayer, and to make decisions regarding their projects. God has blessed us, once again, with this opportunity. Previously, the seller of the land was only willing to part with half as much land for the same price. Patience has paid off, and the widows and orphans are moving closer to economic self-sufficiency. With the Lord’s continued help and your merciful gifts, we have seen many miracles in the village of Mawanga.

The Medical Clinic Update

Hello to all my Friends,
There is a great improvement in my life, surely God is steadfast, He was in control for the time I was badly off. It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus on the Cross but His LOVE for you and me. Jesus loves us and thank you for loving me too.
The clinic is doing well, The total outpatients attendance is 150 patients on average. Different months vary in out patients attendance, for example July the attendance was 150 patients, August 217 patients, September 101 patients. The average number of admissions is 25 patients per month, however this also vary accordingly. The Nurses are willing to stay to help the community, God brought them in the right time.
We thank God that a few have been able to pay the little they can otherwise we could not be operating; the challenge is that we get inadequate supply of drugs which are not essential for the community.
Thanks for loving us.
May Joy and Peace of our Lord Jesus be with Barry, Andrew and all your family members. Amen.
your friend, Pastor Paul