Why Light?

Friday, November 30th, 2018 by micayla

Curious about how we picked solar lights

as our big Christmas gift to ROWAN families?

We’re so excited to share our heart behind this ambitious undertaking!

give the gift of light


  • Vulnerability: The safety and security of women & children comes into question under the cover of darkness.
  • Detracting from Business: Entrepreneurial opportunities end when the daylight does.
  • Impact on Education: Students cannot read or complete homework assignments in the dark, thereby negatively impacting their performance and success in school and their opportunities after.
  • Sickness: When light is absolutely necessary at night, the only option has been to light a harmful kerosene lamp. These emit hazardous chemicals, threatening the health of everyone in the home as well as negatively impacting the environment.


  • Productivity: students and business owners will have the option and opportunity to be effective at nighttime when necessary.
  • Health: When lights are necessary at night, whether for security/safety reasons or for student/business productivity, those in our community won’t have to risk their health for it. They’ll only have to flip a switch.
  • Financial: Switching to renewable energy means that families won’t have recurring energy costs; in other words, they won’t have to continue to purchase kerosene. This will significantly lower household energy costs and free up money to meet other needs. This will allow for greater sustainability within the community.
  • Environmental: eliminating the harmful fumes and emissions generated by kerosene will reduce ROWAN’s global footprint by changing to renewable energy.


Did you know that our region in Uganda has never had electricity? But instead of the dangerous and costly installation of power lines, we’re skipping straight to renewable energy. Less hassle, less cost, less maintenance, same result:

these orphans and widows will never have to live in darkness again.



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