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A Story of Grace and Healing

Recently the power of God in healing has been demonstrated on an extraordinary level in Mawanga. A caregiver named Tappenesi, who has been dear to ROWAN for 10 years became very ill late last year. So ill that most thought she would pass away. Through God’s grace she received the attention she needed by being […]


What is ROWAN really like in the village?

They Call Me Abua a small glimpse into my 2011 internship with ROWAN When Kelsey asked me to guest blog about my summer internship with ROWAN I was suddenly overwhelmed with amount of stories and moments I wanted to share. I had no idea how to describe on paper what was felt and experienced so […]


Instagram Follower to Long-term Partner

  You may know about one of our latest partnerships with The Ndoto Collection, but have you heard the incredible testimony of the founder Jennings Wright? Read the story of how The Ndoto Collection came about and how our partnership was made! "My name is Jennings Wright, and I am the founder of Ten Eighteen, […]


Real Beauty for ROWAN

Shop Today! Real Beauty for a Cause is a business for the natural beauties. Real Beauty for a Cause is a 100% natural skin care company based in St. Louis, MO. We ensure that every ingredient used is naturally derived and has not undergone any chemical processing. All ingredients are carefully selected with a focus […]


How a brief meeting can lead to a lasting impact.

I was living in Singapore preparing to move to Uganda. My friend called me saying, "Kelsey, I have a friend named Raphael who is a professional sport photographer. He is starting a charity in France and you should meet." So I did. We met for coffee for about 45 minutes and I shared the vision […]