From the Vatican to the Village

Fireworks in human form. Jake Casale is a student from Dartmouth and had the opportunity to visit ROWAN Uganda two summers ago. He has a tremendous gift in journalism and recently wrote a blog about the people of Mawanga. It paints a beautiful picture in words. "I recently had the opportunity to visit the Vatican […]

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Up next, Ezeresi for Sponsorship!

Friends, we have 44 more women and children to sponsor and then we have done something significant. That will mean we have sponsored all our direct ROWAN members to date! What does that mean? We can ensure every child gets an education, and every widow receives the support she needs. Let's get Ezeresi sponsored today!


You raised $9,000 in 3 days!

Family IS more than blood. Two years ago I took Pastor Paul's hand and danced around this dream land. Then only a few weeks ago the March Team was dancing around this same 5.5 acres! The land is fertile for crops, flat for building community centers, and a place I felt God's presence. We prayed […]


Reflections on #MarchTeam from Co-Founder

From the HOPE Mural, to the soccer games, to the home visits, to the praise dancing, to the house building, to the rich conversations under the stars- this trip was laced with memories of a lifetime. God blessed us with an amazing team of creatives, entrepreneurs and justice seekers which made for a colorful group […]

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A Story of Grace and Healing

Recently the power of God in healing has been demonstrated on an extraordinary level in Mawanga. A caregiver named Tappenesi, who has been dear to ROWAN for 10 years became very ill late last year. So ill that most thought she would pass away. Through God’s grace she received the attention she needed by being […]