What have our 2 nurses been up to?

Meet our nurses – Christina and Rachel!   From staff member Sam Kifuko: “The total number of individuals that they follow up with on a regular basis is over one hundred people. Since becoming full-time staff members of ROWAN they have been able to visit all 114 people in our programs and have gathered important […]

wet dry season

Seasons change but God remains the same

  We serve a powerful God and He controls the weather. Here in Colorado we enjoy four seasons, sometimes all in one week or even in the span of a day! In Uganda there are two seasons; wet and dry. The wet season is a time of plenty, many crops are grown and produce is […]


One Christmas gift- bringing endless potential

Give a Goat Today   A few years ago, my immediate family decided to start a new tradition. We wanted to change the way we gave gifts. Rather than buying something just for the sake of getting a gift, we wanted to do something to meet a real need. We wanted to give back to […]


Is sponsorship really making a difference?

Have you ever been homesick for a place you have never been? I was for nearly three years. God placed Uganda and its precious people on my heart and I began praying. I prayed for direction, I prayed for wisdom and I prayed for a chance to make a difference. Little did I know where […]

purpose box logo

Making a Difference with Purpose Box: #MailThatMatters

Make a Difference — vist our Etsy Shop!   You’ve heard of them. Various cooperatives that send out monthly subscription boxes. Boxes of beauty samples, organic snacks, wine, coffee, chocolate of the month and even fun activities for kids. I used to receive these monthly missives and loved knowing I would get a small package […]