Uganda’s role in the Ebola Crisis

Many people have been asking if Ebola is a risk in our region. Currently there is not an Ebola outbreak in Uganda; however, Uganda faced numerous outbreaks from 2000-2012 that resulted in 278 deaths. Having experienced the tragedy of loss from Ebola on a smaller scale, we have great sympathy for the situation in West […]


A Journey to the Village

Happy Monday! Traveling to Mawanga for the first time can be quite the culture shocking experience. Below you can read an eye opening encounter of a summer team member’s first time in Uganda. She tells us the stories of the local people and her biggest takeaway from her visit, HOPE. Jambo (Hello) Friends! Wow, what […]

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Album Release: The Reid Phifer Project gives 100% to ROWAN

Listen to Album ROWAN has recently had the great blessing of having a worship album dedicated to us: our widows and orphans. Through the joy of praise and worship, women and children are empowered and our community is lifted up. Reid Phifer is a worship leader and song writer who is originally from the great […]


The Insecurity of Property Rights in Uganda

“ Many in the field of public health and international development hypothesize that strengthening women’s property and inheritance rights (WPIR) may reduce susceptibility to HIV and enable household to better mitigate the economic, physical, and emotional consequences of HIV, particularly on high prevalence countries.” (Protecting the Land and Inheritance Rights of HIV-Affected Women in Kenya […]


The Harsh Realities of Ugandan Healthcare

Is there hope for Ugandan Healthcare? Part I Uganda Experiences a disproportionate burden of poverty, disease, and death. The health status indices of the country are very poor, comparable with the average for Sub-Saharan Africa. MORTALITY RATES The Infant Mortality Rates (IMR) and the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) in the country are among the highest […]