The Insecurity of Property Rights in Uganda

“ Many in the field of public health and international development hypothesize that strengthening women’s property and inheritance rights (WPIR) may reduce susceptibility to HIV and enable household to better mitigate the economic, physical, and emotional consequences of HIV, particularly on high prevalence countries.” (Protecting the Land and Inheritance Rights of HIV-Affected Women in Kenya […]


The Harsh Realities of Ugandan Healthcare

Is there hope for Ugandan Healthcare? Part I Uganda Experiences a disproportionate burden of poverty, disease, and death. The health status indices of the country are very poor, comparable with the average for Sub-Saharan Africa. MORTALITY RATES The Infant Mortality Rates (IMR) and the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) in the country are among the highest […]


HGTV, watch out!

Extreme Kitchen Makeover Edition Efulansi is a older widow in our community and recently joined a ROWAN savings group because she wanted to make a change. In our savings groups, someone like Efulansi doesn’t start with a loan, she starts with determination. She decided to start saving $1 a week. Her 20 friends in the […]


From Passion Fruit to Permanent Housing

Loy is one of our beautiful HIV+ widows who was recently sponsored in our family. She was trained by our local staff on how to grow passion fruit and save her income in a savings group. After one year of savings, she realized she had enough to build a permanent house! This is why ROWAN […]


ROWAN’s Cooking Corner!

Meet Jane, our famous Chapati Maker in Mawanga! Chapati Recipe (Flatbread) Chapati is an unleavened flatbread that is a common staple of cuisine in Uganda. Chapati is also commonly eaten in Pakistan, India and Nepal. Ingredients: -2 cups wheat flour -1 teaspoon salt -3/4 cup hot water -Cooking oil Directions: Mix the flour, water and […]